Curator's Statements


Grace Meibohm

As a trustee of the Buffalo Society of Artists I am honored to participate in making selections for this new exhibition platform. Our time honored organization is promoting the artist-members wonderfully diverse mediums and methods by embracing technology to connect the artist and the viewer. I applaud the efforts of Tim Brooks and the participating artists.

photo credit: David Moog


Sharon Osgood

I thought I knew BSA and its work, having respected and enjoyed it for many years.  But this opportunity to view so many pieces of art in various media and styles stunned me.  So much beauty!  Incredibly imaginative. Selecting only three  "Best in Show" submissions from  274 pieces was agonizingly difficult.  What a pleasurable/painful task it has been to serve as a juror for this show.  My only criticism is that viewing online images does not do justice to the complexity of the works.


Bill Maggio

After a few weeks of viewing 275 images, at least a dozen times, I was able to determine which pieces repeatedly got my attention and those that did not. It was both surprising and amazing how differently some works struck me each time I viewed them.
Some images, that initially did little or nothing to me, eventually became some of my favorites.
I believe, a curator needs to re-visit each entry over and over during an extended period of time. Even when not actively viewing, these images kept popping up in my mind and I was able to further contemplate the final results. I am very pleased and extremely comfortable with the decisions and selections I have made and I sincerely hope you enjoy the Buffalo Society of Artists inaugural On Line Exhibition.

photo credit: David Moog